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Kindergarten Enrichment & Science Class 2021-2022

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The Kindergarten Enrichment and Science class is $650.00 per semester which includes facility use fees and most lab materials.

Class fees will not be refunded for dropped classes after the first two weeks of class. Please check box below to acknowledge that you understand this policy.

Special Concerns or Considerations

Emergency Contact Information

Please list the name and number of someone who can be contacted in the case of an emergency if we are unable to reach you:


With this signature, I give my permission for my student to fully participate in the Kindergarten Enrichment and Science class (excluding anything listed in “special concerns” above). I also give permission for my student to go outside for recess with the class.

Release of Liability

I understand that although the students will be supervised by Heidi Asay and class aides, I do assume the risk in my student’s participation in classes. I acknowledge that I will not seek to have Heidi Asay or any other staff or helpers held liable in the event that any accident, injury, loss of property or any other circumstance or incident occurs during or as a result of my son’s/daughter’s participation in classes.

This release of liability includes accident, injury, loss, or damages to the student, as well as, to other individuals or property which may result from the student’s participation in the event. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless Heidi Asay, Asay Enterprises AK, its officials, agents and employees and volunteers, from any claims arising out of my son’s/daughter’s participation in the event(s).

The information provided in this form is true and accurate. I agree to the permission and release of liability above. Please sign by typing your full name: